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What is being said behind your back?

If "your brand is what people say about you when you're not in the room" how do you manage control of your brand? This well known quote was said by Jeff Bezos, everyone will have heard of Amazon and as a result will have a view about them as a business and no doubt about him too.

If people are talking about your brand they are influencing the reputation of your business. It doesn't matter whether it is behind a closed door or internally amongst staff or with your suppliers. Strong business or personal reputations and a positive brand image take months to build, you need to play the long game.

With opinions everywhere, across every social platform and beyond it can be difficult to protect and nurture the brand reputation that is right for your business.

It would be safe to say that your business will be somewhat smaller than the mighty beast that is Amazon, however your reputation both on-line and off line is key to building trust with your audience. And trust from your audience is what every business owner wants.

Take control, get your ducks in a row. Whatever you call it you don't need to wipe the slate clean, work on your core values and messages before you get your strategy in place.

Once these basics are worked out you will begin to see a clear path through the social media haze. Content creation will become easier, posting and targeting more straightforward with greater engagement.

Off-line methods can be much more rewarding and with more control in place will have a greater impact with your audience. From press releases to articles and reviews all can be positioned to showcase your business to improve its reputation, show your brand in a positive light and to get people talking about your business for the right reasons.

If you'd like to find out how to go about creating an easy, usable strategy to build your reputation do get in touch by email. Or better still, let's have a chat, I'd be happy to have a 20 min discovery call with you to identify a plan so that we can produce a solution that works for you and your business.

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