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Is PR right for you?

Before your business took off did you spend quite a bit of time working on your marketing? Newsletters, blogs, social media you had time to do it all. You knew your perfect customers inside out, your messaging was spot on - you had time and energy to work it all out. Best of all, once it was in place and you became established your business really took off. The orders came flying in, your services were in demand, everything was rosy, happy days.

Only there was a nagging feeling at the back of your mind, whilst you were busy fulfilling the

se orders and services and accomplishing your goals. After all, this is what you actually set out to do, only your marketing efforts where slipping, there weren't enough hours in the day to do both roles.

Maybe you won an award, won a newsworthy contract, launched an amazing innovative product. A public relations dream worthy of shouting from the rooftops. PR! You didn't even have time for your marketing, you certainly wouldn't manage the PR yourself too. Perhaps you put your anxieties aside, you're busy, business is still going relatively well and hopefully your many statisfied customers will promote your business for you regardless.

That nagging feeling doesn't go away. How do you maintain your momentum? You want your business to be at the front of customers' minds, you want a loyal following, engaging social media you want your business reputation to grow and strengthen.

You sit it out.

Things don't get better.

In fact, momentum slips and there are still not enough hours in the day.

You could hire a marketeer, just a few days a week or month. Only you know you could do it yourself .... if only there were enough hours in the day.

What you really want is someone in the background, keeping an eye on things. You would like them to come up with creative ideas, not change your strategy but enhance what you've got. Someone who can help to build your reputation, strengthen your brand, promote you in areas you haven't been able to approach before. Someone who has the time to write up your case studies for long term gain and yes, someone who has the media connections to get you that article in your target press.

If you recognise this person then we're here to help. In addition we can find opportunities for you beyond what you could do on your own. Working remotely we take the time to listen to you and your customers to work out what really makes them engage and ultimately purchase. Getting behind you and your business is what we do best, championing your brand not ours.


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