You need to promote your business and attract new customers, but you're not sure where to start.

You need to promote and market your business to attract new customers, but you're not sure where to start. You have a quick internet search to discover that there are at least a dozen communications and marketing businesses in your area.

Marketing - yeah that's communications - sure they'll cover promotions too. Right? Wrong? Well, kind's confusing isn't it?

Communications, like marketing is one of those big umbrella terms. If you're in the industry you'll recognise all the different identities and elements of what is covered in the small print. If you're not, it will sound like a giant blur of industry babble. From digital marketing to content marketing, from sales promotions to public relations, some consultancies will cover everything and some will specialise in one thing only. Each element is completely different yet also needs to work together across the board for maximum impact meaning that some principles cannot always be used in isolation.

Surely being an expert in one thing is good though? Yes but would you go to the dentist and ask for a hair cut? Ideally you'll need someone with specialisation and a proven track record but with the breadth of experience and knowledge of other communication disciplines to be able to see the bigger picture. You'll need promotion support from someone that gets you and understands your business and importantly they'll need to understand your target market.

Put simply: what are you wanting to promote and who are you trying to promote to?

Understanding the audience that you want to speak to through communications is key, whether it is blogging your way to attention or email campaigns that get you noticed by new customers whilst of course not forgetting your existing customers they'll all help to increase your sales.

If it is a new product or service you are wanting to get noticed it is best to get your communications plan in place early on. Getting on board at the beginning will save in the long run as the right advice will help build a strong brand, develop consistency and a strong message through your website.

Prior planning will help in the preparation for an event or launch and you'll be wanting some press coverage alongside a social media campaign.

You'll be looking for someone that'll go the extra mile, follow up communication with attendees and journalists. Like a dog with a bone, they won't let go until the task is complete. They'll need an eye for detail and creative flair often thinking outside the box.

Social media shouldn't be an afterthought, but carefully thought out and planned, tying in with the campaign work that is being done elsewhere. Consistency is critical with a clear message so that your business brand stays strong and at the forefront of customers' minds.

More importantly you'll be looking for someone who can champion your business on your behalf, support and guide you because they, like you, will also want to see your business succeed.

Piggy Goes to Market specialises in listening to their clients to achieve their aims and requirements within their budgets whilst also being pretty awesome at promotions too!

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